Kia ora all attendees,

Waste Wizards is a locally owned and operated waste management business with a difference.  Their aim is to divert as much waste from events as possible away from landfill.  They do this by providing a simple and easy to use clear plastic bin with obvious signs of what sort of rubbish goes where.

 These clearly labelled bin frames will be placed all around the venue that will have space for rubbish that has been separated by you, into:

  1. Landfill,
  2. Compost (food scraps and paper)
  3. Recycling 1,2 and 5,
  4. Cans,
  5. Cardboard, and
  6. Soft Plastics.

To assist you, the following items go into LANDFILL:

  1. Sports strapping tape
  2. normal tape etc
  3. Coffee cups

If teams bring their own black plastic rubbish bags for their own individual tents, we ask that you either:

  1. Bring it to one of our bin stations and spend some time sorting through and separating your rubbish into the bins as described above, or
  2. If you can’t be bothered sorting your own rubbish into the clear bins provided by Waste Wizards, then you take these away from the venue and dispose them yourselves at the end of each day.

 Do NOT under any circumstances leave black rubbish bags for of unsorted rubbish next to the Waste Wizards Bins.  We have had issues in the past with black rubbish bags being dumped at the end of the day next to our bin frames that we either have to spend a lot of time going through and sorting ourselves, or just putting the entire bag in landfill. 

 Our aim is to divert as much rubbish as possible away from landfill, so please play your part in helping with that process. 

 Thank you from the Waste Wizard Team, and good luck to all.