Team Registration

Step by Step Instructions to register Condor Tournament Teams

U15 Teams:

You should already have access to the system. Use the below link and use your email address and password to login in:

If you do not remember your password or don’t think you have had a password, use the ‘Need help in logging in’ button. Enter your email address and the system will send you a new password. We suggest you save this link on your favourites bar.

Open teams:

You will need to contact Mere Rangihura to confirm your qualification spot. She will then set you up within the system. Once you have been registered you will receive an email similar to the one below. We suggest you save this link on your favourites bar.

1. Login to your profile to see and select your club.

2. Click ‘Teams’ tab to register a team.

3. Click ‘+Add Team’. NB If you have more than one team i.e. girls & boys you will need to repeat the following steps for each team and the team players.

4. Add the team name, select the division you are entering and the Team Manager if known. Click ‘Add’. This will add your team to the competition.

5. Once you have the team showing, click on the name of the team.

6. Click ‘Add Person’ to add players to the team.

7. You will begin to type the player’s name. If the person is already a member of your school in the system they will appear and you will be able to add them directly. If the system does not recognise the player for your school it will ask if you would like to add them as a New Player. This screen then shows. You must assign a role and click add for the player to be successfully added. You will need to repeat for each player in the team.

8. Once a player has been added they will appear on the team list. If you have a shirt number you can enter it at this point.